How to Find Transportation Options You Can Trust--For Free!

How Do I Find Transportation Options?

I love to share travel advice and great tips, but I really love resources that are completely Free! (No strings attached & no sign-ups required!)

Planes, Trains, or Automobiles?  Ferries, Trams, or Taxis??

These are the questions...but what are the answers?

So, you've booked your flight for an exciting trip, but now you're wondering, 'How do I discover the transport choices from the airport to the hotel/BnB/hostel?  Or anywhere else from 'A' to 'B', for that matter?  

It's always been a bit mind-boggling to figure out which transport is offered here or there.

Here's a simple solution to solve your transportation needs...

Rome2Rio!  It's a great tool to find the transport you need when traveling.  It displays a map, a search button, and gives you solid and trustworthy solutions to choose from. It's so easy to use, but best of all...

~~It's Free and So Easy!!

Click here to go to the Rome2Rio website, and follow the instructions below:    ----or use my handy Rome2Rio widget in the sidebar ->

1. Type in your "From" (this can be a real address, a city, a place of interest, or a region) in the blank.  I'm going to use the example: London Gatwick Airport.

2. Type in the "To" (again, this can be a real address, a city, place of interest, or a region) in the blank.  I'm going to use the example: Hampton Court Palace.

3. Click your keyboard 'Enter' or 'Return' button to Search.

Voila!  Your results will show something like this:

Transportation Options Results for Anywhere!

Now, your results will show a list with options.  In the example, it shows you Train, Bus, Taxi, Drive (your own car/rental car), and a Towncar (private driver).  The fare range is listed beside each option, along with the estimated time it takes to get there--super helpful!   

Transportation Details

When you hover over each option in the list, the map will show you the route this transport takes.  For example, the route the train takes will look a little bit different than the road route.

If you click on the small arrow under the fare listed, |>|, you will see more details.  It will also show you if you have additional walking to do--for example from a train station to the actual entrance to Hampton Court Palace, including the time to walk and the distance.

You can print your results, share them with others, and save it, if you wish.  You can also click on the 'Explore' option to look at suggestions for other ways to reach a destination.  This is extra helpful if you have not completed any research or are not familiar with the surroundings on the map at all.

Clicking on the links for 'Car' or 'Hotel' will lead you to official reservation sites.

Use the mobile version for easy solutions during your travels.  If you find that you've taken too long inside a museum, and you need to move on to another place fast, you can always use the app to find quick options, times and fares.

It's a fantastic and indispensable tool to help plan out your travels!  I know you will find it to be extremely helpful.

(As a sidenote, I do not receive any compensation for using the Rome2Rio widget here, nor by clicking the link on this blog to Rome2Rio's website).

Happy Trekking!

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