Britsburgh 'Double-Fister': Comparing British import beers

What better way to start a blog, then to write about the some of the best things already surrounding you...

A short time ago, some brilliant minds in my hometown came together and brainstormed an appealing idea: bringing together all things British (& Anglophiles like me) within our friendly, hometown community.  But, before things get too serious about the economic and cultural benefits, let's get to one of the most recent events...the Britsburgh Beer Society's 'Shakesbeer' Beer Tasting Event.  

Shakesbeer St George's Day Britsburgh.jpg


Britsburgh's 'Shakesbeer' Beer Tasting 

St. George's Day & Shakespeare's Bday

With British imported beers as the stars of the tasting, the supporting actors are also worth mentioning.  Bangers and mash with brown gravy, along with cottage pie and Bakewell Tarts rounded out the fare to tickle the taste buds.  Delicious!  Hats off to Kim, Robert & Mark for the British-themed foods.

British imports for a beer tasting.

British imports for a beer tasting.

As for the beer familiar are you with British beer?  I can honestly say that I don't always drink beer, but when I do... well... now I've found at least 2 really great beers I like directly as a result.  

British ales to compare.

British ales to compare.

Tony completely and thoroughly schooled his audience on British beers, porters, and various ales.  He used history, culture, humor and even good 'ol chemistry to give background on the similarities and differences.  I have to admit, I was fascinated.  And being double-fisted with an amber ale in one hand and a paler ale in the other vastly increased my own learning curve.  

Maybe you're wondering how this whole thing got to be called 'Shakesbeer'?  The Bard's birthday and St. George's Day happen to coincide to give beer, literature, and dragon-slaying a reason to connect.

So, if you haven't tried a Britsburgh event yet, you're in luck.  There are multiple events throughout the year to tempt you within a variety of interests.  And it's a great way to help satisfy the Anglophile in you.

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